Banana Chips Original

Our JP St. Mary's Banana Chips are lighter in flavour and packed with just the right crispiness! This unique recipe originates from our island home in the parish of St. Mary, Jamaica. Our original flavour remains Jamaica’s favourite and is packed in various sizes.

Sizes: 30g, 71g, 142g

Banana Chips

EXTRA Crunchy

A new variant to our original JP St. Mary’s Banana Chips will tantalize the taste buds of our consumers. This unique formulation has been carefully designed and tested to satisfy the palette of consumers seeking a more traditional and crunchy flavour.


Also available in cheese & onion flavour!

Sizes: 25g, 30g, 142g

Banana Chips Cheese & Onion

Original & EXTRA Crunchy

This cheese and onion recipe was created to offer the cheesiest most tantalizing 'kick' to your taste buds. Also available in Extra Crunchy to give you the crispiest crunch!

Sizes: 25g, 40g

Ripe Plantain

Naturally Sweet

The sweetest crunch you will taste from a plantain chip.

Sizes:  25g, 40g

Plantain Chips

Lightly Salted & EXTRA Crunchy

Our plantain chips are flavourful because they are both savoury and packed with crunch.  Available in both lightly salted and extra crunchy  flavours.

Sizes: 25g, 40g

Cassava Chips

Lightly Salted & Sour Cream & Onion

Packed with zest and crunch, our cassava chips have a pleasant but distinctive flavour. These chips can be perfectly paired with your favourite dip!


Available in our lightly salted flavour which has a sprinkle of sea salt and our sour cream and onion flavour which is a zesty delight.

Sizes: 40g

Breadfruit Chips

Lightly Salted

Our breadfruit chips are unique in taste with exotic flavour notes and perfectly crispy! This delight is a seasonal flavour which is available during the months April – December.

Sizes: 50g

Plantain Strips with Sea Salt

This delectable delight is finely sliced into strips of perfection! Its versatility allows it to be served on its own or with your favourite dip.

Sizes: 140g


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Since 1929, we have been growing and delivering fresh fruits to our customers in both Jamaica and overseas . Today, this legacy continues by delivering the JP St. Mary's range of healthy, tropical snacks fresh from the farm to you. All JP St. Mary's snacks are made with freshly harvested fruits and roots, blessed by the Caribbean Sea and Sun. The fruit is peeled, finely sliced, freshly made and crunchy - with only the finest natural ingredients. JP St. Mary’s is the market leader in the tropical snack category with our Banana Chips. Our tropical snacks are Gluten Free, contain no MSG, and no Transfats.